The first haptic GPS for the blind and visually impaired

An app and two smartbands

Photo de l'application
To use N-Vibe, it’s very simple :

Enter your destination’s adress in the app and place your smartphone in your pocket or your bag.
Then, let yourself be guided by the vibrations of the two left and right smartbands.
That’s it, you’ve arrived at your destination !

Guided by the vibration, you can focus on the dangers of the road and get to your destination safely !
Photo de l'application


“The smartbands are very discreet and confortable”

Joel, blind from birth

“I felt much more relaxed than when I use the white can alone”

Stefany, glaucoma patient

“With N-Vibe, I can walk and have a conversation with a friend at the same time​”

Virginie, blind from birth

“That’s great ! When is it available ?”

Cyril, glaucoma and cataract patient

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